Since Kerry Pain has over 20 years' experience in swimming pools installation and design, he set out incorporating his years of experience into the very best residential swimming pool styles. Kerry is widely regarded as one of the best pool designers in the Australian pool market, a land that has the highest pool ownership per household in the world. Not surprisingly, this sun drenched country produces some of the finest swimming pool products in the world.

“It’s not about offering 50 types of pools, it is about offering classic and innovative styles that work well in residential environments” says Kerry when talking about the new Leisure Pools styles. “Once you have the style that fits the homeowner's preference, then we look to pool size because people have different usage requirements for the pools backyard sizes and budgets.

“After style and size have been determined then it’s a question of choosing the most suitable color. Color choice is so vitally important in achieving a stunning look in your back yard” says Kerry..

Whether your home is contemporary or traditional, whether your pool site is large or small, there’s a Leisure Pool style, size and color to suit your needs (and budget) perfectly and 1st Rate Pools is there to navigate you through the rewarding process of pool ownership. With them you’ll be Swimming in Quality and Style®.

Courtyard Roman

Roman style pools are very adaptable for small areas where space is limited. Just because its small doesn’t mean that it doesn’t pack in a heap of features.

• Versatility – Can you picture a swimming pool that can have an internal spa, a convenient table to sit around, a swim jet system that you can exercise against and still have plenty of space just to cool off in; all in just 19 feet; truly the most versatile pool ever!

• Imagine – Just cooling off and relaxing in the spa while waiting your turn at the swim jets. Alternatively, if all the bells and whistles don’t appeal to you then you can still have a small elegant formal pool that doesn’t clutter up your backyard and still looks great and cools you off on those hot days.

• Heating – Smaller water volume equates into economical heating; a distinct advantage for those who wish to use the pool all year round.

• Leisure Pools has a convenience ledge built in for the safety of children in the pool enabling them to get a foothold anywhere around the pool.


Elegance Style

The most modern stylish swimming pool on the market today.

The Elegance features square corners to make it ideally suited to today’s modern architectural building trends. The square corners and crisp clean lines match perfectly with the latest paving and coping products to make landscaping the Elegance a pleasure.

This pool's design concepts include:

• Space - Too many pools have the dimensions but just don’t have the space. The Elegance is designed to give you adequate room for lap swimming or just playing games. The swimming corridor is completely unobstructed and with the copings only four inches wide maximizes the space inside the pool.

• Relax – The steps are conveniently located on the side of the pool and combined with the spa seat area. You can have spa jets and aeration fitted for an enjoyable and relaxing spa. It’s a great place to sit and relax while the kids are playing in the pool.

• Safety – The Elegance has a perimeter safety ledge for convenience built into the wall of the pool two feet down from the top. Small children can easily stand on the step ledge to get out of the pool.

Moroccan Style

Moroccan Style pools incorporate the best features of previous Leisure Pools designs with exciting new ideas. Rectangular pools have been in use for over 3000 years and remains the most efficient and beautiful pool design. They build on this flawless design with a range of innovative features to enhance usability and beauty in your backyard.

The Moroccan Style features three points of entry; the shallow end, the opposite side at the deep end and at the center. This means no matter where you place your pool in relation to the house or pool side area, you will be assured of an entry/exit point adjacent to it. Plus it has excellent seating areas with a swim out and step at the deep end.

Being generous with seating areas they are at the shallow end, where optional spa jets can be installed. There is even provision for an optional in-pool table.

The clever design of the Moroccan Style also provides a wide, unobstructed corridor through the center of the pool for exercise by lap swimming.

The Moroccan Style also features a cleverly engineered ultra narrow coping that results in a more spacious pool for its outside dimensions. The Moroccan comes in four sizes to accommodate all backyards and budgets.
Here are the Moroccan Style pool design philosophies from its designer, Kerry Pain.

• Excellence in Design – Since its inception a short time ago, the Moroccan has become the most popular family pool on the market today. This generously sized pool comes in 4 sizes to suit almost every site.

• A Step Ahead – The Moroccan features three conveniently located entry/exit points. This means you can situate the Moroccan almost any way in relation to your house and you will still have steps in a convenient place.

• Swim or Relax – The Moroccan is designed for both! The swimming corridor is unobstructed for end to end swimming and when you’ve had enough exercise you can relax in the spa nook. You can even have an in-pool table built into the spa nook.

• Safety – With three entry/exit points, a swim out seat at the deep end and Leisure Pools safety convenience around the perimeter of the pool, The Moroccan takes away a lot of the worries for new swimmers. Remember the spa seat is a great place to sit and watch the kids.

Riviera Style

Tuff Top Fiberglass Pools proudly carries the astonishing Riviera Style inground fiberglass swimming pool. Available in 34 foot and 30 foot sizes the Riviera is not only classic and functional in design but it achieves a totally new look that will inspire your creative backyard dreams.

The stunning family play bench wraps around the shallow end providing ample adult seating and doubles as a kids play area. No other pool incorporates this leading innovation which sets the Riviera apart.

The Riviera's freeform design flows with gentle curves making the pool a delight to landscape around and transforming your backyard to a free flowing wonderland.

Available in any of the four Leisure Pools Aquaguard® colors the Riviera will add timeless beauty to your backyard.

Roman Style

The Roman Style pool, offered by Tuff Top Fiberglass Pools, embraces a timeless elegance that will add style to any yard setting. It is simple, classical and pleasing to the eye today as it was in Ancient Rome, this pool's clever use of a rectangle and two semi-circles also provides unlimited possibilities for innovative landscaping concepts.

Leisure Pools Roman Style comes in three sizes to accommodate any of the uses and backyard sizes. It features wide entry steps at the shallow end with an optional spa seat and table at the deep end. Space inside the pool is also maximized by the use of our unique narrow coping design. Its features offer:

• Timeless Classic – If you were to pick one design that would always be in vogue it would be the Roman. The design has a timeless appeal that is simple, practical and elegant. The Roman style seemingly suits every situation.

•Formal – The geometric shape unlocks countless opportunities for exciting landscaping possibilities. The semi-circular ends feature steps at the shallow end of the pool and a spa seat area at the deep end.

• Mirror Reverse – You can place the Roman with the steps closest to your home or have the spa seat closer. Which ever way the pool faces it looks the same. If you add the optional spa jets and aeration and a table then you have a truly versatile and enjoyable pool.


Tuscany Style

Leisure Pools Tuscany Style is the ultimate in free-form design and a perfect for yards where a more conventional shape might not work.

Being of the classic kidney shape, the Tuscany will usually fit into difficult areas and particularly lends itself to informal landscaping with rock gardens, tropical plants and waterfalls.

The Tuscany 29 is ideal for most backyard settings. It features generous sized entry steps into the shallow end and a swim out at the deep end. Optional spa jets can be fitted to the swim out to create a refreshing spa nook. As with the entire Leisure Pools range, narrow copings maximizes the space inside the pool.

To suit your lifestyle, the Tuscany 23 is a very versatile alternative, particularly where space is limited.

Pool design concepts from its designer Kerry Pain; include:

• Freeform – The Tuscany is a shape that will always be popular. Freeform pools just seem to posses a magic all of their own. The Tuscany will fit perfectly in a corner or look just as good in the center of the backyard.

• Landscaping – Freeform pools are a delight to landscape around – the shape opens up so many landscaping possibilities.

• Convenience – The steps are conveniently placed at the shallow end side of the pool. The swim out which also can have spa jets fitted is also on the same side of the pool at the deep end. This leaves plenty of space in the rest of the pool for swimming and games.

• Coping & Step Ledge – Leisure Pools narrow coping design maximizes the space inside the pool and our convenience ledge adds to the safety of children in the pool enabling them to get a foothold anywhere around the pool.


Sorrento Spa

For centuries, people have recognized the rejuvenating, healing powers of warm water. Today, Leisure Pools, the manufacturer, takes an innovative approach to the art of warm water healing, or hydrotherapy.

Spend just a few moments in our Sorrento Spa and you’re likely to experience less stress, improved circulation, better sleep and fewer symptoms of arthritis and back pain.

Our Sorrento Classic Spa has strategically placed jets and ergonomically correct seating to create an ideal place for practicing a variety of calming, comforting and healing routines.

The Sorrento Spa is available in all the colors that are available for the pools enabling you to color match your pool and spa combination.