Leisure Pools adopts the world’s best practice in fiberglass swimming pool construction enabling us to offer a 35 Year Structural Warranty on each of its fiberglass swimming pool shells, making it the most impressive warranty on the market today!

With our experience from building thousands of swimming pools from our manufacturing facilities in Australia and the US you can have the confidence that you are purchasing one of the finest crafted fiberglass swimming pools available on the world market.

One time Transferrable Warranty

To take advantage of the one time transferable warranty, you must write to Leisure Pools, 3567 South IH 35 S, New Braunfels, Texas 78132 to request the warranty transfer package. This warranty transfer package is available for a one time fee of $250.00. This warranty transfer package includes an on site inspection by an approved Leisure Pools representative. The inspection and subsequent transfer must be completed within (90) days of the date of closing, where the Pool shell was originally installed. The original purchaser must have properly completed the Warranty Registration at the time of product purchase for the Warranty or Warranty Transfer Package to be valid. The transfer of the warranty is subject to the acceptance by Leisure Pools of the on site inspection.


Step 1
Leisure Pools uses only the best available raw materials sourced from leading companies in the composite industry.

Step 2
Through its extensive research and development program, Leisure Pools has developed a 6 layer fiberglass swimming pool construction process.

1. FGI Aquaguard® Gelcoat (chemical resistant and UV stabilized)
2. (Corrosion and Chemical Resistance Layer, impervious to water providing osmosis protection) AOC Vipel® Corrosion Resistant Bisphenol A Vinyl Ester Resin with PPG Hibon 6000 Continuous Rovings
3. Fiberglass Reinforced Laminate AOC Vipel® Corrosion High Cross-Linked, Isophthalic Polyester Resin and PPG Hibon 6000 continuous roving

4. Fiberglass Reinforced Laminate AOC Vipel® Corrosion High Cross-Linked, Isophthalic Polyester Resin and 32 OZ woven roving
5. Fiberglass Reinforced Laminate AOC Vipel® Corrosion High Cross-Linked, Isophthalic Polyester Resin and PPG Hibon 6000 continuous roving
6. AOC Vipel® Corrosion High Cross-Linked, Isophthalic Polyester Resin Flow Coat Sealing System

Step 3
Trained fiberglass craftsmen Computer aided material application Controlled factory conditions

Step 4
Ultrasonic thickness testing and barcol hardness testing of each swimming pool.

15 Year Surface Warranty

No other pool company comes close to a 15 year surface warranty. That’s because no other company in the United States manufactures using the Aquaguard® gel coats. These outstanding finishes are the result of intensive research, development and testing over a 15 year period. The testing has been both accelerated and real time in one of the harshest UV environments in the world, Australia. Fifteen year warranty.

  • Osmotic blistering Discoloration Fading*
  • Surface yellowing
  • Tuff Top Pools offers a three year onsite warranty on Jandy pool equipment (if three pieces of equipment are purchased and installed)

Note that the gel coat has also been laboratory tested out to 20 years with no noticeable deterioration.

*The Aquaguard finish includes combinations of UV protection and color pigment and this pigment like any material may be subject to minor levels of dulling over a 30-year period if exposed to direct sunlight. However, due to the highly advanced formulation and chemical blending, any dulling will be uniform in nature and can be easily refinished by applying a gel coat polish to revitalize the pool surface.

Not surprisingly, these outstanding finishes are more expensive than white gel coats. It is a cost that we gladly accept and forms just another part of our quality commitment and another compelling reason why your next pool should be a Leisure Pool.